Title Comments  
Beautiful Gifts of God   A lullabye written for a woman to give to her two daughters .

Walk With Me   Written for a mother to her four adult children for her birthday

Finally I Can Sing   Written for a woman to give to her mother who was a holocaust victim. It tells of her courage and devotion to family.

It's True   Written for a husband to his wife on their anniversary. It tells of simple things like texting and remembers their wedding day.

You're Our Mom   Ballad written for two daughters to give their mother for a Mother's Day celebration.

Just Me and You   An anniversary present from a wife to her husband after their children had moved out.

Even Still, Even Now   Written for a husband wishing to have his wedding vows put to music for he and his wife's anniversary.

Winona   Written for a famous actress who befriended a Cancer patient at "City of Hope"

Laurie   Written for a man to give to his girlfriend when asking her to marry him.

"The Girl With the Doll and the Hammer"   Written for a lady who's father was a minister, this song portrait explains a life of sacrifice that with time, grew into love and surrender. This song was done musically and lyrically from an interview.

"My Precious Child"   This is a music project utilizing the wonderful lyrics of Wendy Hill for her upcoming DVD "The Hero's Journey". This is a reference sample which Wendy will be singing in the final version...

"Fallen Angel"   Talented guitarist Robert Cross played this beautiful instrumental acoustic piece in our studio. We then added a string section, harp and orchestral percussion parts to further enhance the image of an angel "fallen from heaven".
New Age